The Raven

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If you had a pet raven, what would you teach him to say? That's right, waka-waka-waka! -via b3ta

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Ravens are REALLY intelligent (per a nature program I saw). I thought it was a joke at first, I was really skeptical, but ravens can figure out how to use tools to solve complicated problems. They can solve problems it would otherwise take a chimp or an animal on that level in the animal world (or a human toddler...) to be able to solve! I couldn't believe it.
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Though the raven himself was amazing, I did not know that ravens would reproduce/mimic voices so well. That makes them even creepier than I thought :/

But creepy is okay in my book! Just might not get a raven anytime soon.
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@observer - No. They reproduce whatever voice they hear. So if it were a female voice, then the raven would have attempted to recreate the voice it hears.
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The camera work was terrible. But the bird is amazing. I am curious though, do female ravens have a female voice. The voice sounded like a male human voice. I love the Edgar Allan Poe reference.
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