Jousting on Segways

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Actually, the Segway would be a fairly sound vehicle for modern jousting, as this commercial for the State of Washington's lottery illustrates. But buying lottery tickets is probably not a likely route to this most excellent goal.


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@humm> this is true. I've been guilty of buying a scratch off or two in my time.

the problem is people don't know when to stop. I've seen someone spend a good 400 bucks or so on 20 dollar tickets, win 50 and then turn around and blow the 50 on more lotto tickets.

I limit myself to one dollar tickets. And if I win anything I keep it.

Besides if you really wanted to keep people from throwing away their money, there's a tribal casino 5 minutes from my city...
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The lottery is always criticized by skeptics as a tax on the stupid or something similar.

With all due respect, but the lottery is the most sensible way to gamble. Yes gamble, but in the most sensible way. The cost is minimal and the possible reward huge. That is what makes a gamble worth considering.

We gamble all the time anyway, we don't live our lives according to statistics. Or nobody would get married, for example.
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