Man Crushed His Lamborghini Lemon

Got a lemon? Then you'd understand this Chinese businessman's frustration when his Lamborghini Gallardo turned out to be a lemon.

But when he couldn't resolve his problems with the dealership (or even the company), the man didn't suffer silently. No siree, here's what he did (hint: it involved a few sledgehammers):

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Hey Mr Cameron, you've shown you have the mental facility of your namesake in number 10.

There are two reasons this wouldn't harm "the Italians"; firstly he bought the car, what do "the Italians" care if he decides to trash the car once he's paid for it; secondly Lamborghini are part of VAG and therefore German.

Way to analyze.
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Obviously more going on here than the story lets on - destroying the car only punishes the owner of the car, not Lamborghini, and I'm pretty sure nobody buys a Lambo for the fantastic service, so he's really not hurting the brand.

I would also like to note that the swings they were taking didn't look particularly damaging, If I was given a 10lb sledge and told to go to town on an exotic car, I'd like to think I'd do so with a little more gusto.
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Odd behavior for a communist. Parting it out would have been lucrative....a windfall for the average Chinese citizen. There is definitely something else at play here. Italy has been letting coalition forces use Aviano airbase to help oust Moron Gadaffi. Maybe Chinese have special oil deals with Moron that do not favor US so they would like to keep it that way and are not happy with the Italians.
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