Jean-François Rauzier makes huge high-resolution pictures with amazing attention to detail. Hyperphotos are his way of combining "infinitely big and infinitely small things in one same image."
He found his way by juxtaposing, duplicating, twisting images with Photoshop, making it possible for him to reproduce human vision more accurately. This way, he generated a genuine numerical puzzle, in which the pieces, cut out, “drawn again”, come up along on top of the imagination of the artist.
From this technique is issued numerous fascinating and unusual details on which the spectator can dwell on.

For example, the picture here has a lot of people in it. At the site, you can zoom in and see them clear as daylight. http://www.rauzier-hyperphoto.com/voyages-extraordinaires/ -via J-Walk Blog

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Yeha, I noticed that, Miss C. I just thought it was funny how so much attention can be paid to detail in one area, and then not in another.
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Neat, I just have some thoughts on the word infinite. In-finite, not-finite. Everything in the picture and the picture itself are all bounded, therefore finite. Only one is infinite.
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This is really, really cool. I won't pretend to have the faintest idea what this guy went through to get that effect, but it's gorgeous. It's like 3D without the awful disorientation.
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