19th Century Woodblock Print Shows Modern Tower: Coincidence or Time Travel?

That's "Toto Mitsumata no Zu," a drawing by artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi, showing a couple of men working to waterproof their boat. It's a fine piece of ukiyo-e style woodblock print and a rather mysterious example of time travel artefact.

You see, the woodblock print, which is dated from 1831, clearly showed the Tokyo Sky Tree being built today:

The ukiyo-e print drew particular attention over mysterious tower depicted on the left part of the work, leading some to surmise that the artist had predicted the emergence of Tokyo Sky Tree in modern times. [...]

The left side of the work shows two thin, high-rise buildings looking down on the town of old Tokyo across the river. The one on the far left is believed to be a fire-watch tower. However, experts say no building as tall as the mysterious one next to it existed back in those days.

Link - via metafilter

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Heres my two bits...
First bit: It's not a very elaborate design, the similarity could very easily be a coincidence, as they did have spires at that point in history, and despite their actual size at the time, art is wont to exaggerate.
Second bit: Perhaps someone was influence by said artwork? That's been done as well.
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Don't you just love how Americans are soooooo convinced that they invented Science Fiction that they are willing to believe in time travelers before they believe in Japanese painters with imagination.

....and people wonder why the world views Americans as idiots.
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