17 Great Pieces of Geek Clothing

If you like to wear your heart on your sleeve, but your heart just happens to rock a set of taped up glasses and a bow tie, then these fashion pieces are guaranteed to compliment your geekiest sensitivities. I’m sure you’ll notice that most of these are for women, but as I’m sure you know, that’s just because fashion is focused around females.

1. Etch-A-Sketch Skirt

The idea of this Etch-A-Sketch skirt by Etsy user SewOeno is pretty cool, but what really puts it over the top is the use of embroidery to create a picture that looks perfect for the subject in question.

2. Game Boy Dress

That same Etsy seller, SewOeno was also responsible for this exceptionally popular Game Boy dress.

3. Nintendo Controller Dress

For those who like old school Nintendo over Game Boys, you’re sure to love this awesome Nintendo controller dress by Liz Tan.

4. Mario Sweater Vest

This knitted sweater vest by Happy Seamstress is an accurate replica of a screenshot of the original Mario Bros game.

5. Mario Piranha Plant Scarf

With all the varying lengths of pipes that piranha plants grow in, this scarf by Technabob is a perfect materialization of the video game monsters.

6. Tetris Tube Top

Personally, my favorite old school game is Tetris, which is why I am totally in love with this sweet Tetris tube top by ZedishaLuxe. She also makes a nice one-shoulder dress in the same style and a Nintendo controller dress as well.

7. Tetris Dress

For those who like to mix their 1980’s video games with some classic vintage dress styles, then you might prefer this stylish Tetris dress created for A Dress A Day.

8. Missile Control Skirt

On a similar note, this poodle-style skirt by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories features cities, missile trails and aiming crosshairs.

9. Long Cat Scarf

If you like to wear your geekery in meme form rather than gamer form, then you’d look quite chic and stylish in this sweet long cat scarf by Etsy seller xHezaChanx.

10. 3D Glasses Dress

There are plenty of people who argue that the whole 3D movie thing is a trend, but if you love 3D in all of its forms, then this dress by nicolelinder is a great way to show your interests to the outside world.

11. Pong Dress

Get ready to party with this sweet dress by artists Max Moswitzer and Magarete Jahrmann of the Ludic Society that actually lets you play Pong wherever you go.

12. Air Conditioned Shirt

For all you geeks out there who are tired of slaving away in a hot office, this USB powered, air conditioned shirt by Kouzi Ichigaya, an ex-Sony technician, is a great way to cool down. Of course, if you don’t happen to be near a computer, you can always power the fan using a few AA batteries instead.

13. Httpanties

With messages like “403 Forbidden” and “411 length required,” these naughty panties on ThinkGeek are a perfect way to express your programming geektitude in any situation.

14. Computer Wire Dress

When you want to show your techy undertones on the outside though, it’s probably a lot more socially acceptable to do it with a great computer wire dress like this one by Tina Sparkles.

15. Star Wars Crawl Dress

You can’t have any geek-related articles without mentioning Star Wars and this dress featuring the introductory crawl from the movie series. In case you’re wondering, the headband matches the rest of the outfit, reading, “In a galaxy far, far away.” The dress was created by a woman named Chenoa who is a friend of the guy who runs Chris Eng Says ‘Bwuh?’

16. Star Wars Corset

For a more sensual side of Star Wars, check out these sexy corsets by Evening Arwen that will make you look like a feminine Darth Vader or a svelte storm trooper.

17. Star Trek Corset

For the Trekkies, there are still plenty of sexy lingerie, just check out this gorgeous red-shirt corset that was sold on Etsy, but I can't track down the seller that originally released it. Do you guys have any favorite geek gear? If so, share it in the comments.

Update: Reader Contributions

Reader Geneva wanted to share her wonderful Wonder Woman scarf with us, and I'm very glad she did.

Melphistopheles wanted to make sure we included these great Star Wars bathing suits by Black Milk. While I love the R2D2, the C3PO one is great as well. Keep the comments coming guys!

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