What Conservatives Dream About

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What do conservatives dream about when they sleep? Crushing their liberal opponents in the 2012 Presidential Election? Repealing Obamacare and banishing the evil unions?

Well, aren't you glad that somebody did the research? Jerry Kroth and colleagues at the Santa Clara University investigated the dreams of 48 female graduate students and found that the conservative types are having these kinds of dreams:

  • Dreams of Falling
  • Dream Discontentedness
  • Dreams of Being Chased
  • Dreams of Being Famous

I wonder what liberals dream about? Via Discoblog.

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I suppose age may have something to do with it. When I was a teenager I used to have dreams - nightmares - a lot. I never had a wet-dream though. I would go to sleep some-what in anticipation and end up dreaming about getting gang-beat and dumped in a ditch for dead.
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Campbed - It's true that the sample size is pretty small, but a quick look at the article shows they used standardized scales (Kerlinger Social Attitude Statement Scale, KJP Dream Scale) and the results were significant even with a small sample.

More importantly, their findings match the findings of a large number of studies that find a relationship between personality and political views. This is mainstream science and well known.

The main point is that we think we chose our political views based on good arguments, but a great deal of research indicate that the reverse is the case: We are predisposed to a certain political leaning (largely based on genetics), and then find ways to justify it so it appears we made a rational and intentional choice.

As I said, this is just another piece in that puzzle, and the consequences do have a real life impact.

For instance, realizing that we all have leanings mainly based on genetics, I find a much greater appreciation for the different views out there. This diversity has helped us through our evolution as a species, and continue to help us through diverse political opinions. They are all needed.
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Somewhat related anecdote: I smoked cannabis daily for 7-8 years and never dreamed. I've recently quit and started dreaming again, quite vividly, every night after about 2 weeks. I've done a little informal survey and none of the people who indulge on a regular basis dream, either. (Admittedly, this may be due to lack of short term memory.)

Now, where's my research grant??
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