Wedding Tattoos

A wedding ring is symbol of commitment and permanence. A tattoo is commitment and permanence in itself. Some couples are skipping the jewelry in favor of matching or complementary tattoos on the couple's ring fingers. And why not? You don't have to remove it to shower, work with machinery, or have an MRI. It can't be lost or stolen. It will never have to be resized or replaced. And you can design your own unique symbols! See a variety of wedding band tattoos in this list by Shaun Usher. Link

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To the ones saying you can't get an MRI with a tattoo, that is a myth. I have plenty of them and had no problem when I had to get an MRI. And they also tested it on mythbusters, so its obviously not true! :)
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It would be convenient for when you go out on the town to cheat on your spouse. No ring to take off, no tan line to try and hide. People won't recognize it as a wedding ban substitute.
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My husband and I have had tattooed wedding rings for almost 20 years. They are not as distinct as they once were, but they are still okay. I would do it again, but I might choose a simpler design. When people see them, there are two responses. They either say something like, "That's so cool/sweet/romantic" or they say, "What happens if you get a divorce?" To the people in the latter category I always say that THEY should not get their wedding bands tattooed.

If for any reason my husband was no longer in my life, a tattoo would be the least of my difficulties. I can't imagine loving someone enough to marry them and being put off by such an important symbol of their history. It could be dealt with in many ways.
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I never plan on getting a divorce, but what about if one of you dies? Not to be morbid but it would make it pretty hard to marry someone else...
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