8 Once Amazing Sci Fi Technologies Now Inferior to Real Life Gadgets

We don't have flying cars, but otherwise, it can be hard for science fiction to keep up with the pace of modern technology. Evan Hoovler of blastr has a list of eight technological wonders from science fiction now present in real life, such as the PADD from Star Trek, now available as the iPad:

Like modern electronics, the P.A.D.D. had its own development throughout the series. The 24th-century model was almost solely used by touching a screen. Not bad, but we're sure the Enterprise captains would've probably liked some Freecell while drifting through empty space. How about one of millions of books? The iPad incorporates modern technology into this classic sci-fi design, moving us one step closer to achieving the ultimate dream (holodeck).

What else would you add to his list?


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I think the Tricorder trumps the iPhone. Sure, there's an app for that, but can the iPhone scan my prostate in BIO mode and in the next instant tell me if there's a rock monster nearby?
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The photo used above is not a picture of a real iPad, but a mockup done a few months before it dropped. It's running OSX, has an apple on it's front and is the second search result on google images.
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Though it is not popular these days, I actually see some validity to the concept of Platonic forms. There can be no square-circles or other contradictory phenomena in our experience, making the possibilities of manifest objects limited to the domain of experience. Certain meta-cognitive rules of experience such as the law of non-contradiction make for an interesting playground of possible ideas. This playground isn't wholely "imaginary" if it takes into account meta-cognition, they can be intimations of a possible physically manifest reality. When this happens and the thing is desirable, it tends to find its way into being. The imagination then is an extension of the "physical" world, or the physical world is an extension of "imagination". Either way, they are functionally related so as to relate to the same fundamental reality.
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C'mon, isn't that a bit too harsh?

PS: Not that the neatostaff needs it but comments can be misleading. People often only comment on the stuff they disagree with or the parts that they disagree with.
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