Peak of Happiness Comes at the Age of 85

Not happy with your life? Hang on, the best is yet to come ... if you live long enough, that is.

A new study revealed that the Golden age is when people achieve the peak of happiness:

A study published by the American National Academy of Sciences, based on a survey of 341,000 people, found that enjoyment of life dwindled throughout early adulthood but began an upward trend in the late forties, and continued to increase until reaching a peak at 85.

Andrew Steptoe, professor of psychology at University College London, said elderly people today benefit from better health and opportunities now than 30 years ago, adding that good health and a secure income were "very important" in old age. [...]

In addition, psychologists believe that in old age we become more selective with how we use our time, focusing more on doing things we enjoy and cutting out parts of life that make us unhappy.


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Someone told me long ago that the definition of wisdom is being able to distinguish what's important from what's not important. As you age (and supposedly become wiser), you tend to stop worrying about unimportant things -and it turns out that most things you worried about ARE unimportant.
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@Ryan S

My religion doesn't require that. I'm sorry yours sucks.

According to the article, happiness starts to rise n the late 40's, so happiness starts to rise around the age most people's kids are moving out. That's pretty simple.
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Obviously it makes no sense to the average person. How could you be happy in such a condition? No hope for fame, fortune, wild sex, no future. How could you be happy? And the answer is because you let go of the desire for; fame, fortune, wild sex and a future. Letting go of these desires is the basis of religion.
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