Hilarious Paper Street Signs

We see “missing” and “found” posters all the time, but they usually are a source of sadness as a reminder that someone has lost a loved one or a pet. These nineteen posters featured on sidewalks around the globe are funny plays on the classic signs you’re used to seeing.

Cat Found

Is it just me or does this poster remind you of that old wives tale about the old woman who had a pet sewer rat and thought it was a dog? Image via Dig Your Own Grave

Possum Found

Here’s a great twist on the poster above. Image via Babyanimalz

Oregon Trail

Fans of the classic educational game are sure to recognize these types of options that come at a river (or street) crossing. Image by Jeff Wysaski, featured on his website Pleated Jeans

Have You Seen This Cat

I have to admit, this cat is pretty darn awesome. Anyone know what breed it is? Update: Thank you to Miss C and Sir P-S, who have pointed out it is a Pallas's Cat. Image created by Running Amok Zine via Lizzy Stewart [Flickr]

Have You Seen This Cat

While there are ample great knock-offs of the “Because it’s awesome” poster, this one featuring Frank Sinatra is by far the funniest because the lingo is so appropriate for the subject. Image via jasonEscapist [Flickr]

Have You Seen This Cat

Like the Sinatra one, it’s hard to deny just how excellent the pun that is used in poster is, making it stand out from the many others inspired by the original. Image via Daniel Lisbona Photography [Flickr]

Have You Seen This Cat?

I sure don’t need to take one of these slips of paper to say “I have now.” Image via Daily Flicks and Picks

Look At This Dog

I won’t include the picture for this one because it is filled with language that is NSFW, but essentially, the text reads, “Have a look at this beautiful dog. He was last seen being awesome in my huge backyard which is where he is right now being awesome as usual. He is the most beautiful dog in the whole world and chews on expensive food all the time.” You can read the entire text and see the full poster here. Image via Sugarfreak [Flickr]

Have You Seen This Cat?

It’s hard to notice the cat in the photo when he is being held by a freaky horseman in a rain slicker. Original image by Corey Arnold, Poster image via Harvey Benge (Thanks MikerBarker for helping us identify the photo's origin).


You think this is a lost cat poster offering a reward, until you realize Eddie is the reward. Image via Babyanimalz

Have You Seen Him?

Because then you’d be dead. Oh snap! Image via phildesignart [Flickr]

Warning: Lost Killer Puppy

He may not look like much, but this little cutie pie is not one to be trifled with. Image via Babyanimalz

Have You Seen Me

Here’s another killer pup ready to just take your hand off at a moment’s notice. Whatever you do, do not mess with Klaus. Image via Money And Sh*t

Lost Cat

This is one lost kitten I would not want to run into in a dark alley. Image via Picable

Lost Dog

Darn those pesky wookies, always getting lost. Image via chantastic [Flickr]


While most of the pics here feature animal jokes, this wanted poster is a very welcome exception. Scott VanDenPlas put up this poster after a wall near his work collapsed.

Lionel Ritchie “Hello”

If you’re familiar with the works of Mr. Ritchie, then this poster is sure to make you giggle. Image via Reddit


The owner of this bike is so angry that he has no interest in getting back his stolen property –he’s only interested in cursing the person who took it. Image  via The Buzz Have any of you seen great signs like this in real life? If so, please share in the comments.

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