A Pedestrian's Guide to the USA

Shaun Sanders leads us through the different way US cities treat pedestrians, illustrated with pedestrian crossing signs. See the rest at Hipmunk Link -via Laughing Squid

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I think the assessment of Chicago's off. When I came back from there, I noted how strange it was that, whether on foot or in a car, Chicagoans were obsessed with *being in front of you*. On the sidewalk, people would rush to get in front of you, and then immediately slow down to a speed lower than the one you're walking.
It happened so much that, in my family, whenever we are cut off on the highway by someone who then slows down, someone always announces "they must be from Chicago".
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I'll make one for Tampa. It will feature a flat pedestrian as roadkill. You take your life in your own hands when trying to cross the road here, even in crosswalks. (Heaven forbid you are on a bike!!!)
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I can tell exactly when the author visited Seattle because there was a two month long period where jaywalkers on one downtown street were fined. It was in preparation of a big bus transit overhaul and because traffic got really really crazy, it probably did save a couple of lives.

I'm happy to report that you can jaywalk with impunity now, but even if you're in the crosswalk and you have the light with you, you will still get mowed down by idiots driving while talking on their cell phones.

Really, some times of the day, you're better off jaywalking.
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