Abandoned Deaf Puppy Learns Sign Language

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A breeder abandoned Alice, an 8-week-old springer spaniel, because she was deaf and thought to be untrainable . She was adopted from a shelter by a deaf couple who are teaching her to respond to sign language commands. It looks like little Alice has found a perfect home.


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@sean49 if you follow the link, the first sentence says,

"There is some Irish dog breeder out there who is certainly heartless for abandoning this little poor little springer spaniel pup"

so i believe our comments remained pretty much on topic and civil as well.
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It's interesting. My aunt had a very well behaved dog and their breeder placed a deaf dog with them specifically because of this. The good dog essentially trained the deaf dog by example when the people couldn't.
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@BB i'm sorry i upset you and i sincerely apologize. i see that i did lump mills and breeders together and that was not my intention. i chose my words poorly. i know there are many fine, dog-loving breeders out there. i don't think anyone would argue that there are also well-meaning, but ignorant dog-breeders, and then there are breeders who know very little and are just in it for the money. people need to be selective and find the good ones, like you apparently were. i can tell buy what you said that you were/are a caring dog-lover. so, again, my sincerest apologies for lumping you with mills. i think that simply by definition, 'mills' are never a good thing.

@BB you are a good example people checking into the breeder you choose - that's a must. clearly i agree with your statement that i painted mills and breeders with the same brush.

@sean49 i did not mean to be preachy. this is a subject that is very near and dear to me because i see the affects of the mill on my little sadie everyday. because of the topic, it seemed like a good place to say a little something about 'my cause'. i don't do it often and i don't try to squeeze it in every time i see an animal post.

so, while i do apologize for my poor wording - i stand by my statement that it is better to adopt than buy.

i hope that cleared things up rather than starting new trouble :)
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Agree with BB. I have a springer spaniel who was bought from a breeder and the parents were in a lovely home with quite a few acres to run around in. This is in the UK so I don't think we have the same problems with 'puppy mills' as the US but it's still completely inaccurate to tar all breeders with the same brush.
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