If Your Drink is Warm, Add Some Ice

Yesterday, I posted a neat little tip to get rid of the smell from kitchen sponge by microwaving it, and Neatoramanaut Frau decided to share something equally amazing, and told us to blog about her amazing discovery. So here it is, just as she wrote it.

Oh, and by the way, we do carry a lot of really weird and wonderful ice trays in the NeatoShop. This one above is the Have An Ice Day Ice Tray ($7.95), which makes smiley face ice cubes (technically, ice ovals). Go on and take a look: Link

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Just saying; Ice cubes are good for many people for many occasions. People of all genders, shapes, hairiness, bad-teeth, fat, etc.. use ice cubes every day. Sometimes it isn't pool-side on a sunny mid-summer day. The scence for this photo was chosen because it conveys sub-conscious cues which a fat-guy on a stormy autumn day wouldn't. It may seem benign, but that is just how deep the problem is. And what for? They are ice-cubes, everyone knows what ice-cubes are. This advertisement could be black text "Smiley Faced Ice-Cube Tray" on a white background w/ an image of the ice, and just as much information about the product would be conveyed.
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How to Cool Beer or Other Drinks with Ice

But how does the ice cool the drink?
Also: Does ice cool a drink or does a drink warm the ice?

Answer: http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/chem99/chem99220.htm
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Are you trying to, Frau? You probably shouldn't.

I don't mind the Neatoshop stuff; sometimes the things are cute. This one just sounded like it was written for ten-year-olds. I know you can do better, Frau.
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