Bike Produced On A Printer

Believe it or not the lightweight bicycle pictured above was printed out on a computer. Designed by scientists in Bristol, England, it is created by building up layers of nylon powder through a process known as Additive Layer Manufacturing. The computer-aided design is sent to a printer  filled with the powdered material.
A computer splits the 3D design into many 2D layers and a laser beam is used to melt the powder material into the first of the layers.This is then covered by a new layer of powder and the process is repeated with the next 'slice'.The manufacturing process uses about one-tenth of the material required in traditional methods, reducing waste.

Made by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space group this bicycle is as strong as steel but weighs 65% less.


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i want tell you about this bicycle seeing this bicycle i began to think this is amazing and well done for this i am fully surprise. how to do complete this project.
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"is as strong as steel but weighs 65% less"

Yeah, so, what DOES it weigh?

If that bike were made out of steel, like that, it would weight, what, 40 kilos?

No wonder they don't mention anywhere what it actually weighs!
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