Rescued from an Eagle's Nest

This picture and others from the same sequence are everywhere on the internet today, but rarely is there any source or context attached. These are stills from the movie Rescued from an Eagle's Nest.

(YouTube link)

Rescued from an Eagle's Nest {wiki} is a 1908 film by D.W.Griffith. It featured cutting-edge special effects that were frightening to audiences. -via Dangerous Minds

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If a Harpy Eagle can carry off a monkey I would not be at all surprised to see one carry off a baby.

that'd be pretty badass, no lies. I've seen merlins smack doves off tv antennas and that was pretty cool...Eagle vs. baby would be insaaaane.

inb4 everyone gets mad at my jokes.

Also I feel bad for the eagle in the movie. Shot, skinned, mounted and then used as a movie prop.

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Go to ... the amazing story of Svanhild Hansen, kidnapped by a sea eagle on the 5th June 1932 from a farmyard on a Norwegian island
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