Man Had Fourth Amendment Written on Chest, Challenged TSA

Aaron Tobey, not a big fan of the TSA, wrote an abbreviated version of the Fourth Amendment on his body and stripped to his shorts to protest airport security measures. He's now suing:

Aaron Tobey claims in a civil rights lawsuit (.pdf) that in December he was handcuffed and held for about 90 minutes by the Transportation Security Administration at the Richmond International Airport after he began removing his clothing to display on his chest a magic-marker protest of airport security measures.

“Amendment 4: The right of the people to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated,” his chest and gut read.

The University of Cincinnati student didn’t want to go through the advanced imaging technology X-ray machines that are cropping up at airports nationwide. Instead, when it was his turn to be screened, he was going to opt for an intrusive pat-down — and remove most of his clothing in the process.

“He went there knowing he would not do the advanced imaging and do the pat-down instead,” his attorney, James Knicely, said in a telephone interview. “He was making it easy for them and in the process he wanted to communicate his objection for doing so.”


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They should sell lead lined shirts that say this same thing.

^SAAWP - It's not TSA's right or privilege to violate a constitutional amendment. I don't care if I'm driving or flying or shopping for yams.
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It's nice to be groped by strangers, but on your own terms.

Don't know what the lawsuit's about. I wouldn't want to be on a plane with a d-bag like him.

Who thinks "I'm going to go protest at the airport by taking off my clothes", and doesn't expect to be arrested?
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