Luxury Nursing Home in Portugal

Photo: Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography

Where do hipsters go when they grow old? My bet would be this nursing home in Portugal. All kidding aside, it's quite impressive:

Up until this day, when we think of nursing homes we would never bring such an image like the one that follows to mind! Portuguese Aires Mateus Architects bring a new style to the architectural design of a nursing home in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal; the architects designed the project according to an attentive and thoughtful reading of the way of life of a very particular community, the elderly, who live in a kind of micro-society with its own needs, rules and values.

This luxury nursing home with the ultra-modern design acts as a hotel and a hospital for the elderly; Aires Mateus Architects looked for a reinterpretation of the program where a combination of social and/or
private would be provided for the residents. The need of a social life for the elderly visitors was responded, and at the same time of solitude. Independent unities aggregate into a unique body, whose design is expressive and clear.

Yatzer has the gallery: Link

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I didn't click on the link to see the other pictures, but it looks more like a mental hospital. It could benefit from more windows. Also, it seems like it's located in the middle of nowhere.
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have you seen a bedroom in a regular nursing home? This bedroom looks way more inviting than any one I have seen, and I have been in many (in Illinois anyway). I see what you are saying about being colorless, but usually the idea in a nursing home is that you are bringing your things from home to decorate it in order to make it more home-like. Would be nice if they let you paint them...
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Wow, this has to be the worst design for senior living ever! I understand the Portugal can be pretty hot, but that is no excuse for for not having any functional outdoor space. No trees (how long will it take for those tiny plantings to grow? Not in the lifetime of its residents.), no seating, no flowers, no shelter just lots of wide open spaces on slopes and angles. And the inside is not beautiful, just because it has marble. It seems very cold, with no artwork, or any interesting features to stimulate a person's brain. Even the writer of the article admits that the white on white scheme will be dificult for the seniors.
It was interesting architecturally, but it's functionality, for those who need it most, is sadly lacking
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