Lightsabers Are Real And Other Science Fiction Brits Believed as Science Facts

From the it-must-be-real-cuz-I-saw-it-in-the-movies department, here's the shocking (or not so shocking, depending on your level of faith in humanity) results from a recent survey of British adults, as conducted by Birmingham
Science City

1. Over a fifth of adults incorrectly believe light sabres exist.
2. Nearly a quarter (24%) of people are wrong in their belief that humans can be teleported.
3. Nearly 50% of adults wrongly believe that memory-erasing technology exists.
4. More than 40% of people incorrectly believe that hover boards exist.
5. Nearly one fifth (18%) of adults have the incorrect view that they can see gravity. - via AOL Weird News

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1. Light sabers do exist, you can buy them in many gadget shops. They may not work as they do in star wars but if someone makes something called a light saber it exists.
2. just because you don't know teleportation of humans is possible doesn't mean it isn't or never will be.
3. I've forgotten what the third question was.
4. See youtube video above. Again it may not work the way Marty showed us, but someone has made one so it exists.
5. Again a crap question that can be interpreted a number of ways, the poster above says that gravity can be observed by watching an apple fall, i happen to agree.

Moral of the story, if you are going to try to make someone look stupid try and apply some intelligence to the questions, otherwise you will be made to look like the fool.
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Poorly worded.

Does this mean that:

1. Four fifths of adults correctly believe light sabres exist?
2. Over three quarters (76%) of people are right in their belief that humans can be teleported?
3. Over 50% of adults correctly believe that memory-erasing technology exists?
4. Almost 60% of people correctly believe that hover boards exist?
5. Nearly four fifths (82%) of adults have the correct view that they can see gravity?
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