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The Painted Trees

Artist Curtis Killorn has a unique way of making dead trees come to life. Well, artistically, anyways. He said:

"I paint dead trees in bright colors in the mountains of Colorado as public art. ... The trees that I paint are long dead and weathered by hundreds of years. What I do is bring "life" back to the tree in a completely new way. This tree which was once dead is now vibrantly alive to be noticed by all, no longer blending in with all the other dead trees."

Dark Roasted Blend has the gallery: Link

Is that a US National Forest marker in the foreground? If so, then this is graffitti within a protected NATURAL area and I cannot support it. The last thing I want to see when I have escaped to a primitive area is art by someone whose ego has convinced them that they must improve the place (graffitti, cell phone tower, paved trails, etc.).
However, if this IS a legal 'paint tree' area... carry on? Sherman Williams' slogan, "cover the earth" makes my stomach turn every time I see it. I will never purchase their paint.
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I have mixed feelings about this. On its own, I think that's a beautiful work of art. But in that setting, I think it distracts and ruins the natural beauty of the landscape by introducing unnatural elements to the view.
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What about the insects and wildlife that live in/on/around this tree? While visually striking, this is actually kind of sick when you think about it.
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Yeah this is pretty terrible actually. I agree with kim this has a terrible environmental impact and serves no purpose. Also the painted trees are ugly eyesores.
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It's pretty hard to beat nature at creating beauty, even if it's a tree dead for 200 years--leave it alone and do your 'art' somewhere else.
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"Long dead and weathered by hundreds of years."
IMO -trees that have been and weathered that long usually have a beauty of their own.
We have on tree on our proprty that shines like silver.

This appears to be another "look at me! I'm artsy." kind of things.
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I live in Colorado and have been volunteering for the USFS for 4 years. If I ever see this lady out in our woods (our as in the American people's), I will call the police and the USFS. Go do your art on your own land.
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Get a grip people, both the artist and you are exaggerating on "dead for hundreds of years", in which case it wouldn't be standing at the very least. This is really beautiful. If you think dead trees are beautiful on their own, there are plenty for you to see.
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"Plenty of dead trees" serve a purpose. Why do we have the egos that we're somehow "improving" nature by cluttering it up with garbage like this?
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How is this beautiful? It's just tacky rainbow colored. Never mind ruining the scenery for people, the animals would all probably go "wtf" at this.
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