First Impressions of the USA

Jenny and Dave usually write about impressions of India on their American sensibilities. Now they are turning the tables, and blogging about how the United States appears to those who arrive for the first time from India. They followed the stories of two visitors, and then opened up comments for more experiences. One commenter said:
During my first visit to the USA I was put up at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn in Atlanta…being from India where generally there is only one hotel of any chain no matter how big … it was a shock for me when my cabbie drove me across the city for half an hour and I spotted 7 different hiltons before I reached the one where I was booked. I could spot the same pattern repeating every few miles … same Mc Donalds and KFC’s … same walmarts, circuit city and best buys …. it was very weird

If you have a story about your first thoughts upon arriving in the U.S, you are welcome to leave a comment here or at Our Delhi Struggle. Link -Thanks, Dave!

(Image credit: Flickr user Nick Sherman)

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Weird - that's exactly the same impression I got in Atlanta the one time I was there. I drove there from Boston (beautiful trip) and upon entering Atlanta you get a nonstop repeating motif: strip malls and chain stores then tree-lined residential areas, then strip malls and chain stores then...well, I suppose it's like that in most places. It gave me the life-is-meaningless willies though. Shopping living shopping living then you know what comes next. Dying.
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It seems like most of these travelers only saw huge cities (which have their own culture), and will probably go home with the impression that every other city in the US is just like NYC but smaller.
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I love this comment:

"When we reached the place where I was staying, I was shocked to see no people either walking or strolling around. I was terribly home sick since I could hardly see any people around. All I could see were endless amounts of cars on the roads, no kids playing around. It was like a mechanical world!"
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