Grapes Into Raisins

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Watch grapes turn into raisins in only 30 seconds, through the magic of time-lapse photography. This video follows a bunch of grapes over three months. You can make raisins yourself, in a week or so, but you should separate the raisins to maximize the drying surface and put them in a warm place, like in direct sunlight. -via the Presurfer

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a raisin came from a grape,
it's a fact that you can't hide,
a voluptuous plum,
does often become,
a wrinkly ugly shape,
it got dried.
why do we dry stuff?
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The secret is keeping them dry. If the air around the fruit is restricted or moist (like keeping them in a container or the fridge) they will mold and rot. That's why you should separate each grape or roll them around often while drying. Added heat helps, as long as its not enough to cook the food.

People who know tell me the best way to dry food (tomatoes in my case) is to put them in the back window of a closed car in the summer. Stays warm, and keeps flies off.
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