Which Makes You Crazier: Crack or Heroin?

Well, there's a lively philosophical cafe house discussion and then there's this fight to the death between two people high on their respective drugs. Oh, and crack won:

Loniesh Veasey told Tacoma police she was high on crack cocaine when she argued with a friend, slashed her to death with a razor and swapped shoes with the woman before heading to the hospital to get stitches in her hand. [...]

Veasey told police she was high on crack cocaine and Thomas was using heroin just before “an argument erupted over the types of drugs each used,” according to court documents.

She said Thomas stuck her in the palm with a syringe, sparking the fight, and then cut the back of Veasey’s hand with a razor.

http://www.thenewstribune.com/2011/03/03/1568932/crack-vs-heroin-debate-led-to.html - via News of the Weird. Next up, meth vs. crack, who do you think will win?

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I use(d) both. Heroin on its own is nauseating. Crack on it's own is only fun until it runs out. To avoid the jones I snort a little dope and I'm fine. Only the weak become addicted to anything.
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@Max Power- yes, heroin can be consumed orally, sometimes when you think you're taking ecstasy. My comments re what heroin can do to you are based more on observation than experience though.

@032125- That essay sounds straightforward and accurate. In my experience though, stronger versions of the same drugs don't always get you higher; you get just as high but don't have to take as much.

Of course you will hear of people who want to get as wasted as possible every time, and others who take massive amounts of drugs to no ill effect. Exceptions abound.
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