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Printing a book was different in 1947. The process required quite a few skilled workers performing tasks you won't see anymore, outside of historical videos like this. Contrast this process with a more modern method of publishing. -via Metafilter

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that was a really fascinating video.
@Roy L- thanks for taking the time to submit that comment from someone who actually worked with this kind of press. I have family in Crawfordsville, so I find that comment all the more interesting! Thanks for the post. :)
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This comment comes from an older friend that I sent the video link to. He worked for RR Donnelley and sons who are the largest book printer in the world today:

In 1964 when I started in the business, Crawdfordsville was in the process of switching over from hot metal composition and flat bed presses to the "new" offset perfecting presses so I remember the equipment shown in the video. In fact Encyclopedia Britannica was involved in the creation of this video and RRD produced their books . I believe this video was filmed in the old Sloan street plant in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
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Yes, lets all indulge ourselves with a bit of self-censored nostalgia and re-create memories that never really happened in honor of all those good old days.
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That's sad to see the way the world doesn't run anymore. I study under Peter Koch, who amongst many world class bookmakers still practice this art. The books they produce are still hand set type and just holding one of these books is very much a treat.

You dont realize it when you buy a book in a big company book seller, but the only time human hands may even touch the book itself is packing it in the box for shipping.
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