New York May Require License Plates For Bicycles

New York is proposing a new bicycle law. They want all bikes to have license plates. Bicycle owners would pay $25 for the first year and then $5 each year after that.
The idea is not going over too well upstate.

"Collecting money from parents and from little kids - that would give us their allowance money to be able to ride their bicycle - to pay for a license plate . . . that's gone too far," says Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul.

Ed Reilly of WKBW ha more:

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I'm so sick and tired of the arrogance of car drivers.

When I try to cross the road on foot, I have to wait for the car to pass. They will not stop. Similarly at a crossroad: when both a pedestrian and a car are waiting, the car get's to go first, always.


Why do I have to wait and not the car?

Who's in more danger, me - a pedestrian - or the person the the car?
Who's sheltered from the rain and the cold, me - a pedestrian - or the person in the car?
Who's gonna get there faster, me - a pedestrian - or the person in the car?
Who's polluting the environment, me - a pedestrian - or the person in the car?

Maybe because he is in a car he is somehow a better person and I as a pedestrian am a lesser person and hence should give way to the big important person in the car?

At best both the pedestrian and the car are equal, but then why does the pedestrian always has to watch out for his life so as not to be run over, it's not as if the car will stop, oh no, it's a car: make way!

Replace pedestrian with bicyclist if you want, it's the same thing.
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I almost get ran over by a by a cyclist everyday when I'm on campus, because they constantly run stop signs, ride on or through crosswalks and on side walks, all which are illegal where I live. Those among other offenses, that they could careless if they break or almost injure people doing them. I had a friend who got hit by a bicyclist required 50 stitches and it broke 3 of his ribs and he had to pay for it out of his pocket. Now if they would have had a license plate the person could have at least been held accountable for what he did instead of just riding off after hitting him in the crosswalk. Things like this happen all of the time.
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As any person who has studied this before can tell you, it would cost more to administer a licensing program than you would get in revenue.

NYC is just blaming cyclists for their traffic issues.
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I agree with ramalama. We should definitely, DEFINITELY put up barriers to people using environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Definitely!

Damn reactionary buffoons...
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