Playing Chicken with a Wind Turbine

Vimeo user aaron_gx flew through the spinning blades of a wind farm. With a remote-control plane, of course.
This kind of stunt is typically frowned upon in the industry, to the point that the person(s) responsible for aiding him were probably fired, if they were caught. I would never allow such a thing to happen on my watch, but… it’s fun to watch.

Link (embedded vimeo clip)

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If a multi-million dollar wind turbine can't survive the impact of a kilogram or less balsa wood plane why do we allow it's huge multi-ton blades to spin in the first place?

It's a gnat against the windshield scenario, certainly no reason to get your knickers in a knot.
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As an R/C pilot for over 30 years, I hope the FAA and the Academy of Model Aeronautics sits this fool down and has a nice 'chat' with him.

We've been under fire from the government ever since 9/11/01 and its just this stupid type of stunt that'll get our hobby banned.
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watching this makes you really question the entire "wind turbines kill thousands of birds every year"...

to be honest, even if that is a true statement, and even if it wasn't the relatively slow moving blades these same birds would probably form part of the road kill stats and random strikes against picture windows..

dumb is dumb, and it would have to be a pretty dumb bird to fly into something that large, moving that slowly.. or faster.. remember they are regulated to not spin blindingly quick....

stoopid birds...
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