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Just in case you were busy with work or something this week, check out these links to catch up on what's been happening here at Neatorama! Tiffany (Mrs. Neatorama) was gone for several days, but came back with a report on the New York Toy Fair, where she scouted out new products that you'll eventually see at the NeatoShop.

Jill Harness continued her in-depth research into Disney theme parks with Neatorama Facts: The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Phil Haney rounded up some stories of people whose shoes you don't want to be in, with Things Could Always Be Worse.

On Valentines Day, we stoked your appetite for that heart-shaped box with The Rich History of Chocolate from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

The Annals of Improbably Research brought us The Pliocene Pussy Cat Theory.

We learned about Tycho Brahe: The Drinking Man's Thinking Man courtesy of mental_floss magazine.

In the Name That Weird Invention! contest, the first-place name selected was Yawn-mower, from kfd90. Second place went to chaise-lawn from Norris. Neither winner selected a t-shirt, which hints that maybe you guys enjoy playing these games with or without a prize!

The What Is It? game came around on Thursday. dj2kenne was the first with the correct answer: the object is a TV antenna rotator. A lot of people knew the answer, and a lot of people made up great meanings for the letters N-E-S-W-N -you really should go read them all! The prize for the funniest answer goes to amanderpanderer, who said:
Back when the internet was a more clearly defined series of non-searchable tubes for conveying information, people were bombarded with information shooting out of the pneumatic delivery devices and into their offices, living rooms and school dorms. Being less savvy at identifying the sorts of information being sent to them, internet users often relied on external devices like this one to help them distinguish between the relevant and irrelevant materials being delivered. This is the 1953 InternetIdentificationIdentifyer, or III, in stunning bakelite brown. This device sat near the pnuematic exit and served to classify and catagorize the material presented.

The catagories are:
News, Entertainment, Sex, Wikipedia, and (of course) Neatorama.

Now we have RSS feeds, so I never miss a Neatorama posting. Ah, progress!

T-shirts will go out to both winners.

You saw Mal and Chad's Fill in the Bubble Frenzy on Wednesday. A t-shirt goes to Darrel, who gave us this line: "Get higher, Chad! That's the porcupine balloon!"

We also had an extra giveaway this week: Win A Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set! Congratulations to winner Holly Davis!

Looking for more once you've caught up on this week's Neatorama posts? Check out the links at the NeatoHub or the articles at The Best of Neatorama!

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