Busted by His Own Dog

Sgt. John Terrel, a sheriff's deputy in Moro, Oregon pulled over a pickup truck with California plates. As he approached the vehicle, a sock flew out the window. The sock was stuffed with marijuana. The driver, 32-year-old Joel Dobrin of San Diego, was busted by his own dog!
After the stop, the driver explained to Sgt. Terrel that as he was being pulled over, he tried to stash the sock. His pit bull mix dog grabbed the sock and wouldn't let go, enjoying the tug-of-war game. The dog won, tossing the sock out the window.

Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey had high praise for the canine.

“I wish everyone traveled with their own personal drug dog. It sure would make our job easier."

Dobrin was charged with possession of marihuana and hashish. Link

(Image credit: Flickr user flutterfly2002)

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Murphy's Law effects stoners as well-So what do you do when you get busted for ganja and live in a town with less than 400 people?? Answer: Make friends with that cop so you can enjoy some of your stash with him!!
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Sleep well citizens of Moro Oregon. Your topnotch Barnie's have spent your tax dollars well, removing dangerous criminals such as the guy transporting a WHOLE SOCK worth of pot. Guess the War on Drugs is really money well spent eh?
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“I wish everyone traveled with their own personal drug dog. It sure would make our job easier.”

Which reveals pretty much how most cops feel about their duties - it's not about protecting people or catching criminals, it's about easy arrests, easy tickets, and revenue.

Oh but thank God we have this Hero protecting us from the villainous scum pot smokers. I mean, my God, if the officer hadn't come along, he might have gone to a motel room and committed the heinous crime of feeling alright and laughing at the television.
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