Snow-Laden Truck Creates Frosty Explosion

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The top of a tractor trailer is covered with snow. In fact, it looks like it's a few feet deep. When that pile hits an overpass, it sends snow everywhere over the roadway.

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this happened in front of me once this year...the semi behind the guy almost went sideways and people were afraid to pass him thus causing a traffic jam on the road.
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As I mentioned, there are snow removal systems. There is also a product which grips the ice, but does not keep the ice from forming.
The snow scraper system available > That would be great at a truck stop. But eventually all of that snow removed has to go somewhere. The truck stop will end up contracting a company for snow removal. Where are they gonna get the money to fund that? Increase the rate they charge. The truck driver pays for it. If it is an I/O/O they are probably not going to use that service, because that cuts into their living wage.
If a company pays for it, they are going to pass that charge onto the consumer.

Ice Grip - a product. That does not remove snowIt just gives the trailer roof a texture for the ice to stick to.
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LOL -get a clue? I work in the industry. What are your credentials?

There are laws in three states in regards to snow on top of a trailer. They are rarely enforced. There are truck washes that provide this service. But they get backed up and cost money.

If it takes the truck driver all day to clear the snow from their trailer, that will increases prices for the things you get delivered by truck.
Time is money to truck drivers, and to consumers. The more it costs to do something, the more it will end up costing you to pay for it.

Now OSHA steps in. If it is a company truck, OSHA says "No, that driver cannot be allowed up there, at 18 feet off the ground."
The company probably also has insurance. Their insurance probably dictates, that the driver cannot be on top of the trailer. I know that our company insurance does not even allow us to open the hood of the truck.

Independent owner operators are not going to get up there, because if they fall and get hurt, they have essentially lost their job. Due to a broken leg, collarbone, or even death.

@ Snowless Car Driver - You kind of missed that other part about drivers who do not clear off the three feet of snow on the roofs of their own vehicles, but I will address the "porthole " driver, because that is what you read. I drive a big yellow school bus, and have been hit by a "porthole"driver. What do you think did they told the police officer when they were cited for driving in an unsafe manner?
"I did not see the bus.". They could not see a big yellow thirty five foot bus. Because they had a "porthole" no bigger than one square foot, scraped out on their windshield.

@ Stephanie - hot water hose really does not work as well as it does on paper. You have to take into account the size of the trailer, how much snow and ice may be on top of it. Now remember the trailer has been sitting outside in a snowstorm where temps may be below 32f. trying to hose down the roof of the railed will make it a big slushy icy puddle which would be even worse than snow. Because that puddle will freeze back up. then you will have a giant thick sheet of ice.

And getting back to the time is money thing- Some drivers drive for their maximum hours by law. This may mean that they started out in a warmer climate and stopped in a cold climate for their mandatory downtime and sometimes there is a freak snowstorm, they forget and then they travel on. Drivers can travel through three states in a day. They may have started in California, but by the time they have gotten to New Mexico, they have driven through three blizzards.
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