Ninja vs. Plastic Bottles

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You talkin' to me, bottles? You must be talkin' to me, I don't see any other badass hardcore ninjas in my back yard! You want some of this?!?

I remember the first Samurai sword I got. I went around slicing up everything that came into my eye sight including people. But my Samurai sword was made out of plastic. But this guy, dressed up like Snake Eyes, is like a 10 year old kid on Christmas who just got a real samurai sword. So what does he do with it? He goes ballistic on a bunch of plastic bottles brutally destroying them. What would make this even more awesome is if the plastc bottle actually fought back!

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@Ruben @Edward
Yep, Ninja man knows how to wield the blade, but he is not using a ninja-to sword though. It looks like the blade is custom forged since it looks thinner than the standard katana, but with an appropriate length. His taisabaki motion suggests he might have attended a few years of some ninjutsu school, still needs some polishing though.
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Well, from knowing several survivalist types, the dude is probably preparing for a zombie outbreak, in which case, his ass ain't getting bit. And he is quite handy with that blade. Being a guy who has spent lots of time practicing kenjutsu, I can say you wouldn't probably want to square off against him.
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To emphasize Ruben's point: It is almost impossible to cut completely through a one gallon bottle of water without dislodging its bottom. The marital artist does it multiple times and then show us that the bottles are not attached at the base. He cuts through one bottle and leaves one inches away untouched. He has a bit more trouble with the half gallon ones.
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