Wii Fit: Get In Shape, Hurt Self, Break Stuff

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How is it we always manage to have the camera on us at our very worst moments? Maybe because we're obsessed with filming ourselves, and we don't yet get that we're all just memes waiting to happen?

Actually, when I first saw this I questioned its legitimacy ; who films themselves while doing Wii Fit? But if you watch his moves, he's really quite good at what he's doing - until he's awful at it, that is - so it stands to reason he might have been watching himself to monitor and improve stuff like stance and posture. I mean, there's only so much one can do without a trainer in the mix; at a certain point, if you're taking Wii Fit seriously, you do stuff like that to make sure you're doing things right.

And the dog would have had to be in on any chicanery, and frankly I trust dogs so I'm pretty confident that this is real. Besides, I don't know anyone who'd smash their flatscreen just to be Internet famous.

So are we gonna start a charity to buy this poor guy a Kinect or what?


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Yes, Corgis will do that. I have one that is always trying to get in the way when I use my Wii Fit. I have a 3 year old son who does the same thing....lol.

Of course, my flatscreen is mounted on the wall above the fireplace, so I have almost no chance to do something this stupid. More likely to throw the Wiimote into the fireplace than hit the tv with it, too.

As a side note, too many of the games are easy to fake with the Fit.
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"Wii Fit: Get In Shape, Hurt Self, Break Stuff"

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