Weird Inventions of Edison

One of Edison's weirdest inventions: The Edison Talking Doll

Perhaps you thought of the lightbulb, the phonograph, or even direct current when you think about Thomas Edison, but those aren't the only things he invented (or technically, improved), as shown by this Oobject list: Link

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Edison also invented the public execution of dogs to showcase the dangers of alternating current-J.P. Morgan (one of the many enemies of mankind) was one of his sugar-daddies and would have been one of Nikola Tesla's had the same not spent most of his time trying to figure out how to give the world free-energy instead of coming up with creepy-ass looking tin dolls that look as if they belong on the set of a frikkin' Wes Craven flick!

Edison was a tool kids, don't believe everything you are taught in what is unfortunately referred to as school these days...We can't ever forget that his primary motivation was improving his income-to-output ratio for the sake of Hiskind.
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"Weird Inventions of Edison"

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