Real Life Mother Goose

That's a real life "Mother Goose". Jessica Meir of University of British Columbia is teaching her gosling to fly:

Meir traveled to the Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in North Carolina to seek the bar-headed geese for her study, arriving just in time for the hatching of this year's bar-head recruits. Because she was the first person or thing that the goslings set eyes upon after they were born, the imprinting process was set in motion and Meir began her role as "Mother Goose."

Over the last seven months, Meir has spent her days with the gaggle, bonding with them and taking them on walks and outings. And when the birds began flying, she began leading flight-training sessions on a scooter with a bird at her side, at speeds ranging from 20 to 35 mph (32 to 56 kph).

It is hard to miss the excitement in Meir's eyes as she cruises down the road on her scooter, the wingtip of one of her goslings brushing her shoulder at times, as she stares into the eye of this magnificent bird in the midst of flight, just inches away from her.

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Dude, Bar-headed geese are bad ass, these birds fly OVER Mount Everest just to migrate. These obviously won't because they're not wild, but yea.

They are also some damn handsome birds.
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"Real Life Mother Goose"

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