Roger Ebert's New Chin

Film critic Roger Ebert's jawbone was partially removed due to cancer in 2006. Through his recovery and several failed attempts at reconstruction, he lost the ability to speak, eat, or drink, but he continued to review movies and post to his website. Meanwhile, Dr. David J. Reisberg and David Rotter from the University of Illinois and artist Julie Jordan Brown worked to make Ebert a new prosthetic chin, which was recently fitted.
I will wear the prosthesis on the new television show. That's not to fool anyone, because my appearance is widely known. It will be used in a medium shot of me working in my office, and will be a pleasant reminder of the person I was for 64 years. Symbolically, it's as if my illness never happened and, hey, here I still am, on the show with these new kids. When people see the "Roger's Office" segment, they'll notice my voice more than my appearance.

At the beginning of this process I assumed I would wear the new prosthesis whenever I left the house, so that "nobody would know." But everybody knows. The photograph of me that appeared in Esquire even found its way onto billboards in China. And something else has happened since that day in the hospital: I accept the way I look. Lord knows I paid the dues.

Read the rest of the story at Ebert's blog. Link -via Metafilter

Ebert's new television series, "Ebert Presents at the Movies" premieres tomorrow on PBS. Link

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It's both sad and inspiring what's happened to Roger Ebert. I hope he is able to talk again one day. You people who slam him for political views are douchebags
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This is good news. Now he has another chance to get a different job.

While I sympathize with his past condition, I'm not walking on egg shells for him. He wants to get back into it, fine. I just think I should be allowed the same ability to call him a dick for doing so.
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I agree with jm1656, this vile man doesn't deserve to have this much work done on his behalf. He is a disgusting "human being", I use that term loosely. I wish he would go ahead and croak already.
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I am slightly left of center politically, and I adored Siskel when the two were together. However, Ebert has shown himself to be full of hate and just not a very good person with his stabbing remarks about conservatives, not just once but many times. I think his outside now mirrors what he is like on the inside. It really is sad because that's no way to go through life
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