Dress Helps Cut Pollution

The sculpture above is the creation of Catalytic Clothing, a team exploring how textiles  might eliminate certain pollutants from the air. Called "Herself", this fashionably scientific prototype is sprayed with a concrete mixture that purifies the air by decreasing nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide in the surrounding area. But don't rush to your nearest department store to pick one up as the project is still in the early experimental stage.


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This concept is absurd - "forty people wearing such clothing could purify two meters of airspace in just one minute– if they were all standing in one meter of pavement". It is just a waste of time to pursue this project.
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I see that you are troll, but you are extra angry troll. Just take a deep breath of our polluted air, hold it for a moment (so you don't hyperventilate), and then exhale while coughing because you inhaled some smog.
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"a team exploring how textiles might eliminate certain pollutants from the air"

Another in a myriad of short-circuiting psyche...(seems to be an early symptom of degrees of schizophrenic reaction to the insanity imposed worldwide by our keepers)... would-be well-doers concerrrrned about the environment and how we, as sentient travelers on this spaceship dirt can do OUR part to ensure OUR planet's health-
How about, Stop buying shit, driving, or eating anything not grown locally, etc., and make it your will and duty to eliminate at least one corporation a year through boycott, smear campaigns, and/or sabotage or subterfuge.
If drying concrete purifies the air how about filling in the royal palace and houses a parliament with a few million gallons of quickset ya buncha gits!
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