Woman Falls into Fountain While Texting

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This security camera footage from a mall shows a woman paying too much attention to her text messages and not enough to the demanding task of avoiding large objects while walking. She ends up getting soaked.

via Super Punch

The Danger of Texting and Walking: Teenager Fell Into a Manhole

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What an idiot. I bet she is glad she wasnt at Niagara Falls. !!
Who is to say its her in the picture. Her identity is not visible. It was herself who came forward and id'd it. How did she know it was on youtube. There is more to this. Its more collusion than collision.She is up on fraud charges already. What a fool to make a spectacle of herself instead of laying low.
I wonder if her call went through. Maybe it was an overseas call.
I want to see her on Nancy Grace or Judge Judy.
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peoples court:

The case of " flipper and the mall "

she's flippy, drippy, soaked, trippin and drippin!

Stop poluting our waters!!! ummmm too cold for a dip lmao
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This loser is the one who should be sued. Of course her text was SO important!! This is a 13 year old in a 50 year old's body. What a piece of junk and wanting to sue the mall proves that she is a bag of junk. If I were the manager of that mall I would sue her for polluting the water in the fountain.
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She's going to sue the mall. Isn't that nice.What if she tripped over a baby stroller and crushed the baby, would she sue the mother because the stroller didn't have a fence around it.I think that any funny incidents no matter if they're security tapes or not, should be posted on the internet. It should be used as a teaching tool why you should not text and walk or text and drive. The judge that this case comes to should say get out of my court room.
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