Windoro: The Roomba for Windows

New Roomba-like household robots are popping every day, now. The Windoro consists of two scrubbing modules, one on each side of the glass, held together with magnets:

The robot uses distance sensors, attitude adjustment, and obstacle detection while doing its little window waltz, employing detergent and a series of spinning pads to wash up as it goes.

This robot was developed by the Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics in South Korea. You can watch a video of the robot in action at the link.

Link via DVICE | Photo: DVICE

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Seems very inconvenient. For one thing, based on the demo, you are going to need one person inside and another outside to attach it to the window. It's very easy for one person to set up when you have a free standing window not attached to any building in the middle of a demo hall but when you are at home are you supposed to prop it up on one side then hope it doesnt fall away from the window when you go to the other side? Seems like even more trouble removing it from the window without help as 1/2 of your robot is just going to fall down and probably break. I think it would take more effort to set up and remove your window cleaning robot as it would to just wash the window yourself.

At first I thought it might be practical for high rises but it will need people to move it between windows wherever there is a gap, break in the glass or other obstacle. That, or buy thousands of them for every window. I wouldn't buy a robot and hire two people to watch it clean one window in the amount of time it takes one person to clean about ten windows himself.
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Uh... it can have as many magnets as you want... but I won't be standing under any windows that thing is cleaning... (specially when the owner is placing it on the window or taking it away...)
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