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Bear vs. Cat

A playful bear cub roughhouses with a very patient cat. But even the most imperturbable feline has his limits.

Click play or go to Link [YouTube] -via The Daily What.

It looks like animal cruelty. That cat looks like it's been beaten regularly and rarely fed. Not to mention the bear that they're allowing to torment it. Dislike.
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Much better than watching Milo and Otis, as an adult. So many cats and dogs obviously died making the movie. They definitely through a cat off of a cliff.
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@ O

where do you suppose does the bear come from?
the two guys probably shot its mother and want to shoot the little one too when its big enough. Not cruel?
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Uhhh...the cats' fed, man-So's the cub. Looks as if they have been raised together. Cat likes it, bear cub likes it. Bear gets bigger, cat and bear no play know when to start keeping bear out side and cat away from bear....

Question is: Does MikeV know what he sees? Apparently NOT!
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The cat is thin, missing patches and fur. When it tried to get away from the cub it was shoved back towards it with the mans foot. If all you see is cuteness and fun in this you're either stupid or a terrible person.

O- Shut up, Peta is almost as stupid as you.

Just because I can point out something bad happening to an animal that I have kept as a pet my whole life doesn't mean that I;'m some crazy animal activist. I eat meat, hell occasionally I shoot my own meat, but I can tell from the demeanor of that cat that it wasn't just playing.

By the way, Choggie, They weren't raised together, if you think it looks like they were it just proves your wrongness further. The cat is close to full grown if not actually full grown. That black bear cub is only a few weeks to two months old. They couldn't have been raised together and there is no way that that cub could be fully trained or trust worthy after only two months.

Question is: How is Choggie gonna get his foot out of
his mouth??? Possibly getting a better education and printing a retraction!
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Great video! The cat was standing by an open door at the beginning. Cats are fast and smart; it could have run away if it wanted to. Looks to me just like a playful cub and a patient cat. Until the bear tried to rub the cats belly...
Skinny cat? Are you kidding? Sure, this one is thinner than most can-fed US suburban cats, but it's much beefier than the average feral.
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dubya tee eff Neato? You've finally lost me. I love your site, but I can't continue to support you when you keep posting "charming" stories like this. I know billions of animals have live awful lives. But I treat animals within my sphere of influence with respect. And no, I'm not an animal rights activist either, heck I raise my own meat. But I don't intend to support animal suffering by continuing to visit your site to "enjoy" these posts about animals being mentally or physically harassed for public entertainment. Sorry to say you're removed from my bookmarks bar. =/
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I do not know if this is in Ukraine or Russia, but there is still animal cruelty regarding bears in those two countries. Bears are being raised for performances, bear baiting, chained up and guarding a persons home.
There is also bear hunting in the winter. where dens are disturbed and then the mother is shot for trophy and the cubs taken to be raised for whatever purpose.

while I do not understand what it is they are talking about- I'll just hope that it is something good and the bear is a family companion that will not be put to work.
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i think the men are going to inseminate the bear, the manbear offspring will inseminate the cat creating a manbearcat to compete with the United States manbearpig. its a genetic arms race.

and yes, the cat would run out the door or jump on something if it didn't want to play. how they got the bear, however, could be illgotten. in an arms race in russia, anything goes.
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Not cool, that cat tried to get away and was pushed back by that guys foot. Last time I
checked animal abuse isn't funny?
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Oh please. The cat was not SHOVED. It was gently scooted. That cat could've gotten away whenever it wanted to. You people act like the men had the cat chained up and immobile while the bear ate it alive or something.
Good lord, go eat a damn veg burger and stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.
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If you guys watch the end, you'll see that this cat attacked the bear cub and cornered is definitely not afraid and looks much chubbier than any feral cats I've seen.
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That is a husky cat. Obviously well fed. It is, hovever, completely covered in baby bear slobber. It is tolerant of the bear's behavior. If it didn't want to be there it could be gone in a flash and no blocking of the way by a mere human boot would keep him in the cabin.
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It looks like the cat is willing to put up with a fair amount of what is happening until he decides that he has had enough, and he doesn't run away or try to hide.

It's hard to tell how benign or malicious the humans' intentions are without knowing more about the situation than can be seen in this short video. Were there hoping the bear would hurt the cat? Did they allow this to happen because they knew the cat wouldn't be hurt? It's hard to tell, but O, you are an asshole anyway.
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At first the cat looks at the men and the look on his face seems to be saying, "Hey! Aren't you going to help get this damn pesky bear off of me?!"

After a couple more minutes the cat clearly reaches the limit of his patience and gets all slappy and bitey with the bear to make him lay off, he's had all he's going to take. He looks over at the men and seems to be thinking, "You're not gonna get pissed at me for slapping Yogi around a little, right?" Once he sees no one is upset that he's defending himself he reinforces the "That's enough!" message to Yogi a few more times until he's sure Yogi understands. Then he trots off to find another place to sleep, probably out of the reach of the bear cub.

The cat is clearly unafraid of the bear and the men. He's not starving. The man on the bench didn't kick him, he just moved his feet a little to send the message, "No, no...don't hide under here." so the cat keeps moving to get away from the bear.

The junk all over his coat that makes him look scruffy and unkempt is more than likely bear slobber. Right before the video ends you see the cat shake himself a little as if his fur is damp. I'm sure that once he found a quieter place to nap away from the bear, the first thing he did before going to sleep was groom himself dry.

The cat was OK!
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