Do Pterosaurs Still Exist on Papua New Guinea?

In Papua New Guinea, natives describe huge flying animals with long beaks, bat-like wings, and razor-sharp teeth and claws. Evidence of gigantic nesting sites have been found in the mountains. Remember, this is the area where previously-unknown species of animals are found almost constantly. Could these creatures be living pterosaurs?
The Ropen or ‘demon flyer' is a monstrous animal that is said to have terrified the natives of Papua New Guinea for thousands of years. Another smaller animal, known as the Duah, is possibly related to the Ropen, a cryptid creature said to haunts some of the far-flung outlying islands.

The flying animals described are said to "glow" in the dark, as reported both by locals and researchers. It has been hypothesized that the bio-luminescent glow assists the animals' effort to hunt and catch food in the deep darkness of the tropical night. One of the researchers, David Woetzel, has said that he recorded images of the animals while studying them.


(Image credit: Wikipedia user DinoGuy2)

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Sadly, just another creationist bit of nonsense, albeit more poorly written than most. Contains numerous lies about how most zoologists believe there are pterosaurs alive in New Zealand. This isn't neat, it's just crazy.
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Monyet, the problem is there's more evidence for Bigfoot or UFOs than there is for this creature. The article lends way more credence to rumours and superstition than it should.
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New species are being discovered in that part of the world all the time. I don't think it's impossible. What's it got to do with evolution, though?

Here are some pics of a tiny pterosaur that inhabits an island not so very far from New Guinea:
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Search for the Flying Fox, it's a large fruit bat. It's native in and around Papua New Guinea-- often sensationalized by people like this guy...
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