Public Fountain Dispenses Sparkling Water

Paris is offering free sparkling water to promote tap water and to dissuade its residents from overuse of plastic bottles. The fountain in the Jardin de Reuilly is connected to the public water system and uses six taps to provide both sparkling and flat water.
“We chill the water between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius,” said Philippe Burguière, the spokesman for Eau de Paris, “and then we inject carbon dioxide into regular tap water to make the bubbles thin and tasty.”

At about 128 litres (about 34 gallons) per person each year the French consume one of the highest per capita amounts of bottled water in the world. In northern Italy 215 similar fountains have been installed and have proven to be very popular.

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It depends on where you live in France... I've had tap water that tasted fine but, for example, I remember, one hot summer, that the tap water started to taste and reek of chlorine or something very similar. Couldn't cook my pasta in it, had to buy bottled water to cook with!

Tap water in French homes can be expensive, so I am assuming that if these fountains of sparkling water are free and convenient to get to, they will have some success.

I can't see families replacing their stocks of bottled water at home with it, though. Much too convenient to just buy packs of water at the supermarket. Who wants to lug lots of empty bottles to the nearest fountain just to get water? Who has the time? Perhaps the younger ''green'' set will see it as a way to be cool.
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