Saw Handle Puffs Air with Each Stroke to Blow Away Sawdust

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The Z-Saw is a tool that has a little piston built into the handle. As the user pulls back and forth, the piston compresses and then blows a small puff of air at the material that the user is cutting. This way, the cutting line isn't hidden by sawdust.

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The biggest difference between a pull and a push saw is the thickness of the blade, and thus the width of the kerf - the slice of wood that's getting reduced to dust. Push saws have to be thicker to take the force of the push without kinking or breaking, and so have a wider kerf. The table saw even more so, which is perhaps why he didn't use it.
Those delicate pull saws are at times a bit too delicate and nearly impossible to set and sharpen, effectively making them disposable. I wouldn't give up my hardy push saw, even though I like the pulls.
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"Or you could just blow on it like us non-idiots would."

Although I'm sure you could make a small fortune if you made a similar mechanism to a western saw; having the most expensive tools is more important than having the most reasonable tool for a lot of people...
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Western hand saws (not native to North America) do cut on the push stroke; however, a little dust sometimes does appear on your cut line, but I can't see how this device would help in any way. BTW - western saws in no way have less control than a Japanese pull saw - or you've used a cheap or dull saw.
Still, I can't wait to see this lampooned on the woodworking forums. Chris Schwartz will surely have this on his Popular Woodworking blog in 3, 2, 1......
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