Eyeball Movement as a Means of Identifying People

An Israeli company called ID-U Biometrics thinks that the patterns of eyeball movement are unique to each individual, and are therefore a definitive means of identifying people:

In ID-U Biometrics' system, the user has to watch a moving object onscreen, while the camera observes the motion of their eyes. Since the way our eyes move is based on a combination of factors --such as anatomy, physiology, behavioral characteristics, eye structure--it's a signature that simply can't be duplicated or forged, according to its developers.[...]

This approach differs radically from eye-related biometrics we've written about previously, such as iris scanning. Iris scanning systems rely on matching the image of your iris structure with a stored pattern of your iris. In contrast, the pattern the ID-U technology is based on consists of dynamic movements made by your eyes as they track a target, something that cannot be controlled or learned. "Most of the eye movement components are involuntary, and we are not aware of them at all," says Palti-Wasserman.

Link | Photo by Flickr user CJ Sorg used under Creative Commons license

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Oh and generally infrared cameras are used to track eye movements, which tend to look for the darkest part of the eye (the pupil). Unforch these results can be contaminated by heavy eyeliner, mascara, or false lashes - yet another problem.
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Even if someone isn't somehow impaired, why should someone's eyes move the same way more than once? It strikes me as sort of like expecting a glass of water to have its molecules in the same places at two different observations. It's just not going to be the same.
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Agreed. And of course if you've had a few drinks or have any condition that in any way affects the vestibular system, your eyes move totally differently. Even tiredness could affect the results.
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