Please Wear Underpants Beneath Your Kilt

The Scottish Tartans Authority, an organization which provides guidance for Scottish traditions, says that it's time for kilt-wearers to begin wearing underpants:

The Scottish Tartans Authority has decreed that refusing to put on underwear beneath a kilt is "childish and unhygienic".

It also warned that "going commando" flies in the face of decency.

Tartans Authority director Brian Wilton said kilt wearers should have the "common sense" to realise they should wear underwear beneath their country's national dress.

Link | Photo by Flickr user ianrob63 used under Creative Commons license

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I'm not Scottish, but Dutch and I have been wearing kilts to rock festivals last year, first with underpants - in fear of moshpit accidents ;) - then without. Reading these few comments has convinced me to continue in this fashion.
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What a lot of crap is talked about when it comes to my national dress. Apart from some military mis-guided theories as to what was or wasn't worn by Highland Scots under their kilts, there is nothing in history to suggest that it was considered anything less than masculine, less nationalistic, hygienic or not to wear pants. There is one Hell of an urban myth surrounding this issue. You go with what is comfortable to YOU!
The numpties from the so-called Tartan Army and those readily inclined at weddings etc. to show everyone a naked, spotted, hairy arse are totally demeaning the kilt and all it stands for. I find it all tragically pathetic.
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As a Scotsman myself I find this Brian Wilton quite offensive. Thanks to him the image of us lads commando in our kilts is that we are all unhygienic. Not true. Here in Scotland some people would disappointed to discover underwear was being worn. In fact it is more embarrassing to caught with underwear on that without. It will always be commando for me and my mates.
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"Brian Wilton" Is full of it. The man has no scottish heritage. There have been repeated calls for him to resign from the tartans authority because he has no scottish heritage and sorely lacking knowledge of scottish tradition. He only got the position of director because of his involvement in fabric manufacture.

Fuck him, and fuck his opinionated bullshit.

True scots wear the Kilt, and ONLY the kilt.
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