To Go Cup: The Alcoholic Open Carry Equivalent

Would you be willing to put all your possessions in storage, except your laptop, a few clothes and your dog, and say adiós to the idea of having a home? That's just what Michael Powell and Juergen Horn have done. Armed with just the internet and a spirit of adventure, they've become digital nomads, roaming the earth in three-month stints.

Over a long lunch and a bottle of red wine, the idea formed. They'd been making their living online for awhile, running websites like Criticker and Random Good Stuff, and promoting Juergen's photography. Traveling is their shared passion and, as long as they had high-speed internet, they figured they could do it on a permanent basis. For three months, or about 91 days, they could fully explore a new city or country and, before they had time to get weary of it, would be off to the next spot.

Their first leg was in Oviedo, in Northern Spain and about two weeks ago they touched down in Savannah, GA. On their blog For 91 Days, Juergen and Mike document their exploration of the history, sights, culture, and the bizarre and wonderful customs of their new temporary homes.

That's Juergen sportin' an open container of alcohol in public. Posing near a cop, no less. Now, for most of us, this is an illegal act - but not in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks to the "To-Go Cup" - the alcoholic equivalent of the Open Carry law - you can walk around the Historic District and enjoy your favorite beer in broad daylight. No need for sipping furtively out of a brown bag. Link

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Vegas lets you cruise down the strip with alcamahol.
Same with Butte,Montana and New Orleans have no laws because there is no statewide open container law.
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I live in Reno, NV. Open containers aren't allowed on the street, so people "pre-game" by tossing back a few (usually shots of hard stuff) before they head out. I really wonder why open containers were outlawed in the first place. It sure hasn't put a stop to public drunkenness...
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