Recirculating Gravy Fountain

The finish is crude, but that just adds to the charm. Anyway, the concept is brilliant: an eternal fountain of warm gravy. Instructables user turkey tek rigged this arrangement based on a peristaltic pump powered by an electric drill.

Link via J-Walk Blog

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Newest 5 Comments for an "eternal fountain of warm gravy"...I went to the link/site, and no mention of how they plan to keep the gravy warm. As for "eternal", I'll consider that term as poetic license.

These people need to get a more productive hobby/life.
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Dr. Hibbert: Well, your cholesterol level is lethally high, Homer, but I'm more concerned about your gravy level.
Homer Simpson: Now, wait a second. You doctors have been telling us to drink eight glasses of gravy a day!
Dr. Hibbert: [laughs] Well, you're a little confused.
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Hilarious yet nasty is my first (and enduring) impression. 'Gravy' and 'fountain' are two words which shouldn't necessarily be put together... although from now on every runny foodstuff I see will poke the 'would this make a great fountain?' button. And oh, I want one!
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