Giant WWI Crowd Pictures

Over 90 years ago, Arthur Mole and John Thomas created a series of amazing images to inspire American patriotism.  They photographed these enormous 'Living Photographs' at military bases throughout the country by carefully positioning up to 30,000 officers, nurses and men to capture the familiar and patriotic subject.  Link

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If it wasn't Hitler, it would probably be an even bigger and bloodier war with the Russians. Americas involvement might not have actually prevented a second world war, but I do agree that a lot of the problems we are dealing with today was because of the League of Nations, but had it not happened there may be just as dire results, if not greater. You can't product the future; you can only do you best at not making it worse and deal with problems before they get bigger. A lot of decisions were made after the fact that blew this Middle East issue out of proportion, and people saw what was happening, yet did nothing. It was the whole "not my department" attitude. They are just as guilty.
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American entry into WWI was probably the single worst decision of the 20th century. By tipping the balance of power enough that an unconditional surrender could be demanded, it directly led to the Versailles treaty which directly led to Hitler and WWII.

We entered the war on a wave of jingoistic, patriotic war propaganda financed by those who stood to financially benefit from the war (ie, the "war profiteers" making millions and billions selling military supplies and commodities).

This is what this is. It is with blood money that this was organized. On the one hand it's cool, on the other despicable.
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