Fighter Lands, Turns Around, and Takes Off in Under a Minute

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During the Cold War, the Swedish Air Force wanted to be able to land its fighter jets on roads and short airstrips throughout the country. The Saab Viggen fighter was therefore designed to land and take off from very short runways. As you can see from this video, this fighter can land, turn around backwards, and take off in under a minute.

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Why is it anything to do with defence or the military on here brings out the people unable to get over themselves.

Its a neat plane doing a neat trick. Its cool! Just enjoy watching something for once...
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Scott-O the Swedes had seen what happened to the German fighters at the end of WW-2 when aircraft got destroyed just after landing. So they stipulated that their aircraft had to be able to get back into the air as fast as possible even with minimal fuel and armament to defend themselves against any attacks- This way they tried to maximise any chance of survival if even only some aircraft could get back into the sky to fight back.
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Of what utility is the ability to land, turn around and take off in less than 60 seconds? Can the platform be armed and gassed up while on the move? Plus- can it take off on such a short run when carrying a full load?
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Gryt it's called a defence capability. The point is that you have this hardware to defend your country. OK so that's probably a difficult concept for a merkin to grasp, but there you go, the rest of the world is a funny place.
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