Exercise Wheel for Dogs

GoPet, a company that manufactures dog exercise equipment, makes a dog-sized hamster wheel. The company stresses that this design is both healthy for the dog and environmentally-friendly. There's a video at the link of several dogs using them.

http://www.gopetusa.com/cs.php via OhGizmo!

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Over 50% of the dogs in the USA are overweight another 25% have behavioral issues. Dogs are naturally migratory animals and want to walk and explore getting exercise as they do this migrating. Many dogs never get an off leash experience due to their owner being afraid their dog won't come back, the dog will get into a fight, or bite someone and cause a lawsuit. In a perfect world dogs would be getting this exercise from their owner and an exercise wheel would not be needed for their health. Dog's are getting diabetes and Cushing's disease because owners are loving them to death with too many treats and too much human food. Dog owners should love them with exercise then instead of being overweight they would live longer and healthier lives. Dog's using the wheel in our office avg 8 miles a day. People are too busy to be able to get their dog that much exercise as seen with the amount of obese dogs in the U.S. Once a dog is trained to use the wheel the door comes off and the dog can jump in and out at will to get exercise. I do dock diving with my Labs and they have over an acre to run around on everyday. I also have the prototype treadwheel for a Lab sized dog in my yard (the smaller versions are kept inside a persons home for smaller dogs to use) My dogs chase each other to the wheel to be the first to run inside of the wheel. They have free reign to run all over my yard but they choose the wheel due to how much they like the cardio exercise they get from running in the wheel. Dogs like exercise and they love that they can get in and out when they want and that it is up to them to decide to use it or not. They will even lay down on it and sleep some times. As for the curve that is where the multiple sizes come in so that a dog is not running in a wheel that is too small for his length. Then the curve is not an issue. I guarantee that a tired dog is a good healthy dog. This concept of using a wheel for dogs to exercise has been used by the top Iditarod sled dog teams and is proof that dogs love to exercise in the wheel Jeff King and Martin Buser won many races and having wheels for their dogs to increase muscle and stamina is what set them apart and enabled them to win multiple times. They also state that dogs not only like the wheel but when one dog watches another use it they will use it with out training and out of social acceptance. Dogs are making fun of dogs in the wheel they want to use it also to get exercise. My Labs were in great shape before the wheel and now they are in even better shape with higher energy and stamina. When it is raining I bring the wheel into my garage and let my dogs use it which keeps them from being covered in mud and causing my wife to get upset. She says she can't be with out the wheel on those rainy days, the dogs get exercise and the house stays clean. Dog's need exercise just as we do and unfortunately for whatever reason people are not doing what they should do for the health of their dog so GoPet is here to help get dogs the exercise they crave.
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I love how the video shows the wheel placed in a large, empty field. Here's an idea. Why not just let the dog run around in that big, empty field?
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