Emergency Plane Landing on Street

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This video from 2009 shows an emergency landing of a single-engine plane on a street in Winter Haven, Florida. Kyle Davis, the pilot, and Joe Surowiec, his passenger, were recorded on camera during this frightening experience:

The landing of the dual-seat SkyRanger airplane shortly after 10 a.m. was caught on video by Surowiec, a professional videographer, and was posted on YouTube.[...]

Deputies were called to the scene, but there wasn't much for them to do. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board cleared the incident, Wood said.

Two cameras on the plane captured the drama. One focused on the cockpit, taping their conversation, and the other was facing the plane's engine.

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"However, it does seem staged. They did not call out a mayday to the control tower."

There is a longer video out there somewhere that shows a little before and a moment after

In an emergency, the motto is


They have to make sure the plane can still fly properly and efficiently as it is now a glider.

They next need to find an emergency place to land, a road is commonly not the best place to land, there are cars, power lines, street lights, street lamps, pedestrians, and so forth. But in this case they got pretty damn lucky that there was an open avenue

Communicate, they really spent their last time on the Navigation aspect that they didnt have time to communicate. Also if they did crash odds are someone would call emergency services. Calling mayday only works if someone is listening or they are on an emergency frequency (121.5) and is used the most when they need priority or if they are out in the middle of nowhere

Also the longer video shows the student after the instructor says "watch the wing"..."dude, F*** the wing"
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"However, it does seem staged. They did not call out a mayday to the control tower."

Doesn't seem that staged to me. This aircraft was almost certainly in uncontrolled airspace, and when you lose your engine at this altitude sending a message is not a priority.
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" I'm sorry yo? Really that was such an heartfelt apology. NOT!"

pretty sure he said "Sorry, Joe". Since that is his passengers name. Says so in the video description.

However, it does seem staged. They did not call out a mayday to the control tower.
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