Gurning Champion Declared Ugliest Woman by Guinness World Records

"Gurning" is apparently a competitive sport in Britain that consists of contorting one's face in ugly poses. Anne Woods, who's been a local champion for 27 years, will now get a special mention in the Guinness Book of World Records:

Gurning involves contorting the facial features into ugly positions while draped in a horse collar and it is thought that the competition at Egremont dates back to the middle ages.

Mrs Woods said: "It feels absolutely wonderful to have been accepted. But this is not before time; I've won the competition 27 times now.

"I am considering retiring, but I know what I'm like. Come next year's competition I'll be itching to get on stage again.

"Whatever happens, I doubt my record will be broken."

Anne started gurning when she was 30 after her brothers entered her into the competition without her permission.

She won and 33 years later Anne is still pulling her famous face.

Link | Photo: North News

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I think I'm inspired by the Star Trek story but... John - you say she's won 27 straight times - She says she has won 27 times, but then it's mentioned later she won her first 33 years ago???
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Gurning is a strenuous sport! Here are remarks from her husband, an article when she collapsed after last year's competition:

"We are still not sure why she collapsed but she does suffer from emphysema and asthma. We think when she was screwing up her features it brought the turn on. We thought it was a stroke at first, but she seems OK now."
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